Do You Know Which Level Of Keeping A Relationship You’re On?

Level of keeping a relationship

Level of keeping a relationship – Being in a relationship is the best thing that can ever happen to you, right?

No, wrong! The best thing that can ever happen to you relishing each and every level and stage of the relationship you’re in, just being in a relationship is of no good. Every relationship has certain levels of maturity, though the relationship is ever growing and ever ripening, here are 10 stages through which every couple has to go through strongly.

You’re the one who’ll decide where you at now; analyze it and learn how to go about it in future.

Let’s take the test of level of keeping a relationship !

Level of keeping a relationship –

Stage 1:

This is “Love at first sight” sort of level. Here you have started developing an attraction towards someone. The world seems fitting in the person. This is very first stage of a relationship where eyes meet and palpitation increases. This is the infant stage of feelings!Well, you seriously become too dumb to understand anything at this stage, so let it be!

Stage 2:

This is the stage where you start talking normally and then start analyzing the person. You start getting to know each-other after which the duration of your talking and meeting hours start increasing. This is the stage where you try to understand every aspect of the other person’s personality, behavior and nature. You need to be very observant in this stage in a very practical way but don’t make hurry in judgment.

Stage 3:

This is the stage where you both are totally into each-other, everything about one and other starts pleasing you out of the limit. Nothing is better than them in the entire world for you. You are absolutely engulfed in that flowery, lovey-dovey kind of feeling.You need to be bit composed here.

Stage 4:

Now this is the phase where the extreme lovey-dovey mist starts getting clearer. Here, you start realizing and noticing the things about your partner that don’t please you, for example, burping, farting, sleeping with an open mouth, wearing dirty socks or whatever. You start experiencing the word “Pissed-Off” with your partner in this phase. Not being sugarcoated all the time is what you learn here.

Stage 5:

This is the stage where you somehow start getting used to the pissing-off deeds that your partner does in front of you. You have already adjusted with the nuisance that your partner creates. Though you still get irritated but you’ve learnt to let that go.Patience is what you learn here.

Stage 6:

This is time where talking, giving time to each-other and meeting on the daily basis starts getting a bit disturbed probably because of other commitments like work, family or anything else. You learn how to take out time for each-otheranyhow no matter how busy you are.

Stage 7:

In this stage you start being what you actually are most of the time. Yes, you do things that your partner expects from you but then, you also stop faking to please. You stop showing forced signs that would give happiness to your partner rather you come into your originality. This is one of the most crucial stages of a relationship, being what you actually are and not try to fake-please your partner is what you learn here.

Stage 8:

It’s okay to fight with each-other, I should rather say that you guys start quarreling with each-other on things you don’t like. You say whatever you feel like saying without being even a bit caring of them judging you because you know, they won’t. What you learn here is that at times it’s okay to give in your demands for your partner but being expressive enough to avoid any piled-up grudges.

Stage 9:

This is the stage you have gotten used to each-other’s temperament, problems, insecurities, nature, behavior and everything else. You know that they’re yours no matter what and you accept them the way they are and together try to adjust to everything. What you learn here is adjustment and acceptance is a must to keep any relationship keep-on going happily.

Stage 10:

This stage is one of the final most expressible stages of a relationship. This stage marks your successful journey of going through and passing every stage of the relationship. You know each-other inside-out and are extremely happy to have them in your life. What you learn here is that nothing comes easy; you have to earn it and cherish it after you get it just like you did when you wanted it or didn’t have it.

This is about the level of keeping a relationship – These are the 10 stages (generally) of a successfully and mature relationship and every couple has to go through them no matter what. In fact, according to me all these stages are very important as they help you build-up as a whole, missing even a single step might result in disbalance.

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