10 Hilarious Ways You Treat Your Friend You are Indebted To

Hilarious ways to treat friends

Hilarious ways to treat friends – We, as teenagers and college-students fodder on pocket money which run dry in a matter of 15 days.

While in the first day of the moth we are king, halfway through the month that royal feeling dwindles. Then we are left with only one option, borrow money from friends and friends who fall in that never-need-to-return-the-money loop, make the dreadful appearance in the first week of month again and the cycle continues. It’s always our temptation that leads us to borrow money and repayment is worse as they come.

Especially during the studenthood when we have limited money to survive on and asking more from parents will only leave them on the boil.

Since we are forever indebted, here are some relatable and hilarious ways to treat friends when we sense they might just ask for the money back:

Hilarious ways to treat friends

1 – Oh I forgot you existed:

Debtors are equally annoying like the insurance agents and when you see them approach, the cold sweat comes. You so wished for them to lose in oblivion but they are here again, to get on your nerves.

2 – You try to blackmail them:

You threaten to spill the beans before his girlfriend about last night where he let out his true Casanova self.

3 – You cook up excuses:

Shucks! My wallet always keeps go missing. I think I need a couple of more days to track it down. *pokerface*

4 – You shower them with compliments:

Before they could open their mouths and ask for the money, you shower them with compliments and cause a heartmelt.

5 – You simply feign ignorance:

You pretend to forget the event of loaning money from them altogether. Worse, you ask them to raise an eye-witness for it!

6 – You just go melodramatic:

Because going melodramatic is all you left with now that all doors are closed.

7 – You ask them to take a chill pill:

And you know your heart is thumping like a railway-engine right inside the body.

8 – You just make faces:

Hunh! Bade aye paise maangne wale.

9 – You divert their attention:

See, Polar Bear!

10 – You oil them:

Because oiling is the holy grain of pleasing someone and earning a riddance from repaying the loan FTW!

These are the Hilarious ways to treat friends – No matter how profound contempt we hold for our debtors, how nightmarish paying off the loan may seem, the day finally comes and we ready up such hilarious defences and find the escape route.

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