These 5 Tests of Friendship You Need to Pass Before You Become BFFs

Friendship is the purest of all relationships where there are highest of expectations with zero biological connection. When you find a person with the similar mental disorder like you, you become friends and no latitude and longitude are quantifying enough to keep you distant. A good friend is hard to find and when you find them, you settle your heart there. With your BFF, you do all the mad and cringe-worthy stuffs together ranging from talking at someone’s back, dirty fancying about a hot guy you met in the pub, making drunken calls to each other at 3:00 AM, borrowing each other’s clothes and jewellery to never return. However, your friendship really needs to go through these phases before you call them your BFF.

It needs to be more than seven years old:

Psychology says, when your friendship is more than seven years old, it is likely to last for a lifetime. No matter if you have moved on with each other’s lives, married or made babies, when you two meet things spark like before again.

You need to master the skill of insulting each other:

You will always have a disdain towards the person who puts your friend down because that right only belongs to you. You are protective about her but taking sarcastic jibes at her personal choices is your favorite sport always.

You are each other’s mainstay at difficult times:

You are each other’s pillar of strength. That ‘Tu hai to I will be all right’ moment comes in your life more often where you build each other up when the world seems cruel. You can’t stand her tears and cry together.

You always feed on each other’s money:

A good friend will Dutch but a best friend will rob. Your salary is hers and her salary is yours that makes US.

Her family is your family:

Her parents call you when they can’t reach her over the phone and treat you like their own daughter, so does your family. You are soul sisters which your families too acknowledge.

We all have that one BFF who will never vacate our side come hell or high water and of course only the luckiest few have them.

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