Apps to hide your photos and videos

Keep your private photos and videos away from prying eyes.


We all have some special photos and videos which we don’t want anyone else to see. But, we all also have friends with prying eyes, who are always way too excited to check out our phone. Here are a few apps which can save you from deleting those pics and videos lest anyone else should see them.

Video Safe: It creates a safe password protected area for your pics and videos. It supports web connectivity and you can transfer data from your phone wirelessly by logging in via browser. If your phone happens to get into the hands of one of your tech genius friends and they type the wrong password to enter the app, it will take him/her to a collection of safe images of your choice. It also lets you create icons for movies and has a discrete name – VS.

Keep Safe: The app lets you choose the pics and videos you can let others see and hide the others, which vanish from your picture gallery and remain behind a PIN pad. It disappears from the recent apps list, has full screen viewing, easy-to-use PIN pad, slideshow feature, share pictures, and zoom and rotate options.  

The Secret Folder: It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. There’s a secret location in the app where you can store your pics and videos, unlock your phone using a pattern or code and hide only the private information. You can create a new album, import data and prevent access to the app with a secured pattern or code. It has an autolock timer, lets you view photos and videos right there and has normal and decoy modes. 

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