Hilarious Indian Slangs! How Many Of These You Use ?

Hilarious Indian slangs

Hilarious Indian slangs – There are a lot of slangs prevalent in India.

Most of us are so much into the words of the lingo or the slang, that you can’t think of talking without those words! Agree?!

Yes! And the best part is these slangs are known with a lot of names that keep differing with the place. You must all by now think of the hilarious Indian slangs words that are used by you regularly.

Here, are some Hilarious Indian slangs. Read furthermore and see how many these you use while you speak. Here you go!!

Hilarious Indian slangs – 

  1. Baba ji ka thullu (absolutely nothing)

The most sarcastic tone that is widely used between buddies

Reema: I helped her when in need and when I am in need – she never cared to pick up my call too. What did I get!!

Deepa: Baba ji ka thullu, reema!!

  1. Hawabaazi (show of)

Mira: I bought a brand-newiPhone X!!

Sonu: Aab hawabaazi bandh karo, release hi nahi hau India me.

We all have one show-off kind friend, isn’t it!

  1. Faadu (amazing or outstanding)

Sameer: movie kaise thi?! Yati: ek daam faadu tha!

That amazing expression conveyed!

  1. Maal (sexy woman)

Hari: look at her, bhai – Kabir: kya maal hei bhai!!

Typical guys slang word!

Haa, Kya maal hei!

  1. Satkela(out of senses)

Yasin: Gonna go on adventure tonight.!

KeYa: like?!

Yasin: Sneak through the window into your room.

KeYa: Satkela hau hei kya!

  1. Pakka (sure)

Prabhu: I will return your notes tomorrow!

Rohit: Pakka!?

Pakka, pakka!

  1. Jhand (shattered or destroyed)

Aaj mera sapna jhand ho gaya!!

Shatter or destroyed!

  1. Fuddu (idiotic)

Fuddu buddy, that one idiot buddy in the gang of friend’s.

  1. Kebab me haddi (interference)

Ram: May I join you and lya to movie?! Harish: Tu kebab me haddi banavo maath!

  1. Bakchod (liar)

Amit: Suman said he can work out rigorously for 6 hours a day!!

Sumit: Woh!! Ek number ka bakchod hei. The proficient liar

  1. Ghanta

The informal abusive word that is used regularly while talking.

  1. Ek dum jhakaas (super fine)

Suma: How do you well now, Sruthi? Sruthi: Ek dam jhakaas 

  1. Kaand

Mohit: The principal suspended me from college for one month!

Harim: kya kaand kiya tha tune!! 

  1. G*ndu

The coward friend in the group of friends and the one who is always made fun of for his coward attitude.

Tarun: When the snake was fast approaching, Satya ran away leaving me all alone.

Varun: Mei ne bhola na, woh tho ek g*ndu hei. 

  1. Beedu (dost)

Matlab – dost!!

Lagtha hei Dosti ka slang;)

These are some hilarious slang words that are widely used. I am sure that you could relate to those words of the lingo – that you use.  Though there is no dictionary that has recognized that slang, the people use it as a part and parcel of everyday’s communication. I know, you could very well relate to these slang words. I am right?!

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