Ten Words You Should Know To Survive In College

words one should know to survive in the college

Words one should know to survive in the college – You must have come across a lot of college-going students utter words that sound peculiar to you.

Do you know what they call that as?! ‘The college-goers slang’. Though there is no dictionary that recognizes such words from their so-called slang, there have been a wide use of such words.

They are many who look at you in a pitting manner– in case you ask them what that means. So, girl’s planning to join into a college. Then, here are some words one should know to survive in the college.

Check them out.

The words one should know to survive in the college

  1. Lit

Describes something that is just awesome, fun and adventurous or something or someone being at their best.

Usage: The party last night was lit, buddy!!

  1. Hangry

Describe the hungry strikes with leads to frustration, anger, mad and many others. Simply, shows the very hunger strikes of any person.

Usage:  He looks hangry, let’s stop over to grab bite of food for him.

  1. Groupfie

When you try to fit the entire gang of 24 friends into a single selfie frame Of course the latest trend down town.

Usage:  Here, I am in this groupfie.

  1. Totes

When you are too lazy to spell the word ‘totally’ – you have ‘totes’ to the rescue: PJust, simply the short-cut to ‘totally’.

Usage:  Shopping spree tomorrow?! Totes bae!! Would love you to join me,too!!

  1. Ship

Well, don’t take it to relate to ships and voyage. The, slang word of ‘relationship’. Used to talk about a relationship between a couple. Probably in a sarcastic note, too.

Usage:  I can see a ship, emerging between the two.

  1. Amazeballs

When you feel – the word ‘amazing’ is just not enough. Caught the trend after the YouTube comedy duo by both Jessica and Hunter.

Usage:  Woho, this taste absolutely amazeballs!!

  1. Fleek

Swag up, nice, sweet, and lovely.

Usage:  You were fleek; the last evening I met you.

  1. Dutch

Don’t land in Dutch: P The word from the college slang describes partying with all the group of friends, with everyone’s contribution.

Usage: Let’s party, dutch everyone. 

  1. Dweet

We all know ‘Tweet’. Now what can this ‘Dweet’ mean?! Well, a drunken tweet 😉A tweet that is made when in drunken state.

Usage:  drunk AF, that am gonna dweet today for sure.

  1. Pwned

Prove your buddy that you were right.

Usage: You pwned, loser you are!!

The list still has some other cool words like brother (friend), abs (absolutely) and many many more in the buddies’ lingo. These are some words among the many that are catching up each day with the college-going dudes. I see that these are no short of any creativity in any way. The creative heads’. So, these are all created to make a super cool communication flow between each of them.

These are the words one should know to survive in the college – Like the internet slang, am sure they are more slang words of the college buddies on their way out into the world.

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