How to spot a true Bollywood fan!

How do you spot a true Bollywood fan? This is how…read on!

With Indian cinema celebrating 100 years in 2013, it’s truly the best time for a Bollywood fanatic. From whistling during fight scenes to blushing when the hero and heroine are coochi cooing, it’s not really that tough to spot a Bollywood fan. And we make it easier for you to spot one by giving you few tips. Read on!

He whistles for no reason:
Whether Pinky is dancing, Munni is gyrating or Vijay Dinanath Chauhan is bashing up baddies, a true Bollywoodian will forever be whistling. He just needs a spark to start clapping and hooting as he wants to show the world how much fun he is having! He could be a 50-year-old balding man or a 25-year-old strapping collegian, the ‘whistling’ is part of his psyche. And if you thought only the front row public at cinema halls belonged to this lot, you’re oh-so mistaken. Even those at posh theaters go the whistle route and it’s a true mark of a fan. Whistle podu!

Has a dialogue for every situation:
From saying ‘Mere Paas Maa Hai’ to ‘In Kutton Ke Saamna Mat Naachna’, he has a dialogue for every season and situation. You know he is totally filmy when he comes home and shouts, ‘Main Aaagaya Maa’ and gives you the head tilt. If it’s a woman, at least once in her life she would have said (jokingly, of course), ‘Main Tumhare Bacche Ki Maa Banne Waali Hoon’. More recently, if you haven’t casually proclaimed, ‘Maine Jo Ek Baar Commitment Kardi…’, you really haven’t lived at all! Unleash the fan in you…now. Don’t angry me!

Watches movie Friday first show:
Every Friday, he shows up halls with a ticket in hand and a wide smile on his face. He doesn’t care about reviews or Twitter opinions, as he likes every movie for what it’s. It could be botched up job like ‘Zanjeer’ or plain disaster like ‘Policegiri’, he will still come out saying , ‘movie A-one thi!’ You can thrash the movie all you want, but that will not deter him from watching and recommending the movie to his friends. He will not only watch it on Fridays, but also makes sure to catch the first show. Now, if that’s not ‘fanboy’ behavior, what is!

He is closest to his ma:
Like a typical hero he worships, the Bollywood fan is closest to his mother. He might have daddy issues, fights with his lover and troubles with his gang of friends. But if anybody crosses his ma, they are gone. He remembers everything about her and knows her favorites inside out. He will typically miss her haath ka khana and would call her minimum three times a day and seek her blessing before an important job interview. He could be madly and hopelessly in love with a girl, but if she doesn’t respect his mother, she is out of his heart and life. He gets the confidence to take on the world because  uske paas ‘Ma’ hai.

He wants to be every girl’s ‘Rahul’:
Even though he hates ‘Rahul’ (SRK’s popular screen name) and calls him names…he secretly wants to woo girls like the character from famous love sagas like ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ and ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’, among others. The screen character is immensely popular among the girls due to his goofy, yet charming personality. Whether it’s Raj, Rohit or Rahul, there are certain stereotypes we have grown up with and we can’t break those. Not in another 100 years.

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