What Is The Root Cause Of Terrorism? Religion Or Something Deeper?


The world is burning in flames!

There is a global war happening without the usual scenarios associated with a war. On one hand Middle-East is burning while on the other hand Africa is fighting the war of poverty along with sectarian violence. Russia is flexing its muscles while India is still fighting Pakistan-sponsored terror. Europe, especially Germany, Britain and France are bearing the brunt of Islamic terrorism and America is fighting several battles combating terrorism in various parts of the world! Even the Southeast Asian nations like Malaysia and Thailand are not untouched by the biggest monster the world faces today, terrorism!

So what’s fuelling it? What is causing so many youngsters the world over to join the cause of terrorism and make sacrifices to kill other people? Is it only religion?

The obvious answer is of course religion and nothing else! However, if you probe deeper, you’ll find that religion is just a tool used by these hate-mongers to convey their message to the world and lure the innocent youngsters to walk on the path of fire without even realizing what they are getting into! The actual reason is something that has been in existence since the dawn of human civilization: Power!

Yes, the desire to rule the world, to be a supreme power, to be able to control the minds and lives of millions is what’s prompting the heads of all these terrorist organizations to wage a proxy-war. ‘Religion is the opium of the masses’ is a famous statement by Karl Marx and summarises why it is easy to convince anybody to let go of their rational mind and do evil things!

With limited resources on the planet and too many contenders to share them, injustice and empty stomachs are a common visual. Motivating someone to fight this disproportionate balance of power in the name of religion becomes easier and that’s why the youngsters’ mind can be easily brainwashed! The ones ruling these terrorist organizations have no value for human life and their objective is to only rule and grab power at any cost. For that purpose, even if they have to twist the meanings of original religious texts as per their convenience, they do it with great ease.

For all those young, impressionable minds, it is important to see through the plan and realize that is it futile to kill fellow human beings or sacrifice precious human life to serve the purpose of selective few, who have only to gain from terrorism in terms of financial benefits and power! The common terrorist is not fighting for any higher goals, but to fill his and his family’s empty stomach! Obviously there are some cold-blooded killers as well, but their numbers are far and few between who kill for thrills. The remaining ones are only misdirected youth who are taught wrong things and made to kill and die with no benefit to them!

No religion ever says violence is the answer! Period. All religions, no matter when and what kind of origin, they had, propagate love and peace for a better human life! The greed for more money and power corrupts the soul and when one doesn’t want to earn it by fair means and showcasing their talent they select the course of violence.

Let’s hope better sense prevails, education becomes as important as food and water, and a rational mind is able to differentiate between right and wrong!

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