These Facts About Titanic will Blow Your Mind


Titanic, the titular and unsinkable ship had mesmerized some years ago.

We have a fait tag in out memory how we cajoled our parents to take us to the theatres because the movie created ripples worldwide.

This was not the first time a movie was made on Titanic tragedy but James Cameron chose this subject and presented to us with a more adept touch of perfection. Moreover, the timeless love between Jack and Rose made us rekindle our faith on love.

That is Titanic for you, the ship that faced a dreadful tragedy killing thousands of those onboard,  only the people who were lucky enough to escape, lived on to recount that horrific incident of Titanic sinking.

However, there are some unknown facts about Titanic that are still potent to blow your mind. The ship took $7.5 millions to built but the James Cameron movie budget was $200 million.

The ship was built with 3000 harland and wolff shipbuilders. The ship was 882 feet long which would cover three football fields and it weighed 53,000 tons. The ship was equipped to hold 65 lifeboats but most of the lifeboats were sent out before they were full. The lifeboats that were sent out, held only 28 peaople while the capacity was 64. The ship had 4 smoke tanks in atop among which only 3 were functional and one was used to accentuate the looks of the whole ship. In the first class compartment, there was opulence out of bounds, it swimming pool, Turkish bath, Squash court and a dog kennel. Titanic, being such a gigantic ship required a lot of coal too and the amount was 800 tons that had been burned to run the ship everyday which is no small deal. The Titanic first set sail from Belfast, Ireland and as many as 100,000 people has attended the launch event. There were 2,2000 people onboard of Titanic among which only 32% survived the sinking. however, the actuall number of death tolls are still uncertain because a lot of people travelled under fake names.  Titanic had 885 crew members among which only 23 were female.

Most surpirsing fact about Titanic is that it had its own newspaper which was printed exclusively for those onboard. The newspaper was called ATlantic Daily Bulletin which was posted in every smoking room ever night. There was a song book that was given to the musicians and they were supposed to know all the 352 songs that were enlisted there. Hence, it was a pretty tough job for them to satisfy the passengers as any first class passenger would randomly throw any request. Sadly, all of them lost their lives in the sinking because they had to continue playing while the ship was sinking to calm down the guests. The more heartbreaking fact was that at least thirteen couples embarked on the ship to set for a romantic vacation and precisely, it was their honeymoon.

The youngest survivor of Titanic lived on to tell stories to generations who died in 2009. Her name was Millvina Dean. The highest paid baker of the ship, Charles Joughin too was one of the survivors because he downed plenty of alcohol which helped him survive the chilly water.

Titanic was a dream come true for its makers but that didn’t last long.

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