You Have To Know These Internet Slangs Before You Get Embarassed !

Internet Slang Words

Nowadays, internet slang words rule our verbal communication.

Most of us even face embarrassment for not knowing the meaning behind these slang terms.

For e.g. When someone special or a friend leave a text message for you that goes like – “Hey, can I TTY” and If you don’t know what that TTY stands for then the confusion starts right there. Well some of us are so smart that we instantly Google and find out what it means and later we reply. Isn’t it? Some of us might’ve done this in their life for sure.

Not just TTY (Talk to you) but there are other internet slang words that people use nowadays and I feel you must know their meanings so you can use ‘em too.

Check out these 15 internet slang words and their meanings: –

  1. BAE

Alright! BAE is a trendy internet slang word and people use it a lot. E.g. some of ‘em caption their pictures like “My BAE or My BAE is upset with me” & stuff.

BAE actually stands for “Before Anyone Else” and it is a short word for Babe. Also know that BAE is a Danish word for POOP.

  1. BRB

“I’ll BRB” is a common text that we must’ve received. BRB stands for “Be Right Back” but the actual meaning is “Big Red Button” and is mainly used to describe when you tell somebody “do not press” a particular button.

  1. CYA

In the internet world it means “see ya” but the actual meaning states that CYA is used by politicians and law enforcement officers and it stands for “Cover your ass”. Don’t you think this sound much cooler?

  1. FML

FML- When our friend text us- “She literally FML” and that completes “Fu*ked my life”. In reality, FML was actually a family-friendly term for “Family and Medical Leave” but I guess the new slang meaning changed it all.

  1. DAFUQ

Dafuq stands for “What the F*ck” but hey, WTF also sounds cool. Isn’t it? Anyways I guess the pronunciation makes it a little cooler.

  1. Headdesk

This one might be a little tricky at first but Headdesk is actually used when someone says something really stupid and that’s when you want to bang your head onto a desk. Now that’s a great one word to express annoyance.

  1. ICYMI

This slang is used to describe “In Case You Missed It”. It is highly used a lot nowadays to say something if you aren’t sure about whether other people already know about it.

  1. IMO

In my opinion (IMO) is used to express your opinions toward something.

  1. JSYK

When I say- “JSYK that you’re a beautiful person” don’t get confused because of that JSYK. It actually means- Just So You Know or Just So Ya Know.

  1. JBU

When you’re having a deep secret conversation with your friend and she ends up saying “OK this thing will remain JBU” it actually means “Just Between Us” and nobody else. Well other J’s stands for – JAT (Just A Thought) and JW (Just wondering)…

  1. NSFW

This is a common one and NSFW means “Not Safe For Work”. Also notice that if a link says “NSFW” than usually it is not safe to open it in a place where someone can see it too.

  1. QFT

Quit using “True that” when you agree with something your friend says instead use “QFT” meaning “Quoted For Truth”.

  1. WAT

WAT is used in place of “What” to express confusion.

  1. YOLO

Hey you, the one reading this understand that “YOLO” (“You Only Live Once”) so don’t do anything stupid or do it because YOLO (Wink!)

  1. TIL

TIL means “Today I Learned”. Yes, you can use it now to text your friend and say “TIL” the meanings behind slang words (Wink!)

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