Fun Mistakes You Can Get Away With In Your 20s


Mistakes – The end of teen years is without a doubt depressing. What’s more annoying is that the midst of our 20s brings us the realisation that our carefree days are over.

Nevertheless, it is not the end of days. We can still live our lives and commit numerous mistakes that not only teach us lessons, but are forgivable, too.

The bottom line is that mistakes keep us sane after the temporary moment of panic they bring. Here are some of the mistakes that you can get away with in your 20s.

Twenties is an experimentation phase. If you feel like drinking your worries away, go ahead. You will feel dumb afterwards, but that’s what this time is about – discovery. Getting too drunk in your 20s is better than doing it in the 30s when you are more responsible.


When you constantly experiment with your life, chances are high that you will bend several rules. This will require you to lie a lot. Getting caught in a lie is fine; it is a reminder that truth always prevails.


Eating numerous junk foods comprising carbohydrates is allowed. You will gain weight which will further teach you the importance of following gym routine. In your 30s, your metabolism begins to weaken, something that is not the case in the twenties. Eat your heart out, not literally.


In your twenties, it is alright to end your nights in the mornings. Staying out way too late is something you can get away with, as you are young and getting a taste of the nightlife is only natural.


Twenties is the time to live and not rest. Sleeping way into the night is another forgivable offense during this phase of life. You won’t get to do this in the thirties; so live (or rather, stay awake) while you are young.


Once you enjoy the nightlife and get used to it, you are bound to show up at the office drunk one time or another. Although it is not formally okay, just for experience sake, you should take that chance.


Falling for the wrong person is also a lesson that you can learn in the 20s. You will love a guy/girl, but they might not necessarily be your perfect mate. Although life teaches you this in a harsh way, a lesson nevertheless is a lesson.


Dating the wrong person will force you to create a “type” list wherein you exhibit your qualities to know whether or not you are compatible with another person. However, as you get older, you will realise that there is no such thing as type.


On times, you might feel lonely (or horny) and might end up with a one night stand. It is important that you do not look for love in the person you spent the night with, but look for love when you feel ready.


This phase in life also teaches you that money is not the most important asset in life. There will come a time you will take up a job that you rue, but you took it because the money was good.


Getting fired. Yes. Getting fired from your job does not necessarily mean that you were bad at job. It’s just a small bump that will help you find a better job in which you can thrive.


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