7 Funny Bathroom Lines Of Every Drunk Girl

Bathroom lines of a drunk girl

Bathroom lines of a drunk girl – Hello girls, remember that word vomit you used to do after getting drunk?

Yes, those funny bathroom lines you used to say after drinking too many shots. We aren’t sober at that time, so it’s totally okay if we puke out some shitty words for someone. So, let’s just recall that fun time and get ourselves into those flashback Friday’s parties.

Here are 7 things that are surefire to come out of a girl’s mouth after kissing more than one bottle of corona:

Bathroom lines of a drunk girl –

  1. He’s a jerk”:

When a girl gets high, every second guy who tries to talk to her automatically turns into a jerk. No matter you are the Brad Pitt of the town, if she’s drunk then don’t get cheesy to her else you’ll also be a jerk or a looser.

  1. “This is my song”

When girls drink, all song expresses their feelings and emotions. “Work” from “Rihanna” reminds me of the office. “work, work, Work…”

  1. “We did it!”

Only a drunk girl can tell you the feeling of accomplishment when they make it back alive from a night at the bar. “Yea, we did it!” Chill girl you had three shots of vodka only.

  1. “The best time of my life”

Actually, for girls every night at the bar turns out to be the best few hours of the whole life.

  1. “I need food, I’m hungry” Please give me food, I’m hungry

Once a girl gets done with the drinking part, she suddenly acts as unfed monster. Give her food else you are dead already. I m“I need food, I’m hungry” Please give me food, I’m hungryean it!

  1. “I’m not at all drunk” See, I’m not drunk

If a girl says this, that means she is totally drunk. The rule says, the more drunk a girl is, the more she says it. “Hey I’m sober. You’re talking to the toilet paper sweetie”.

  1. “Man! He is hot” I want him

Every party has a buffet of hot chaps and it’s an unavoidable call for every drunk girl to shout out about a hot guy in a bathroom.

These are the Bathroom lines of a drunk girl – They say never talk to a drunk girl, they are dangerously funny. The saying is right; you’ve read about that already. Depressed? Take your girl out for a drink and have some chill time as she’s going to say every relevant or irrelevant thing and it’ll surely make you laugh like he

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