Top 5 Mind-Games That Men Play

Men have quite a bit of mood swings that can give their female counterparts a run for their money. Many feel that it’s only women who indulge in mind-games. They are wrong, of course! Because men play it all the time. And play it rather well too! We take you through top five mind-games played by men. Read on!

#5 The wooing ways:
Men are like chameleons. The biggest and most effective mind-game they can ever play is by wooing and flirting with you. You can never be sure whether he is hitting on, complementing you or just being a tease. Men know what they want and how they want. So they will walk the extra mile to get it! His wooing ways might just be a way of getting into your pants. As he is trying to see how far you’ll go with the charade.


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