Top 5 Mind-Games That Men Play

Men have quite a bit of mood swings that can give their female counterparts a run for their money. Many feel that it’s only women who indulge in mind-games. They are wrong, of course! Because men play it all the time. And play it rather well too! We take you through top five mind-games played by men. Read on!

#2 Patronizing trap:
He could be as chilled out as they come, he could be for the ‘naari shakti’, he could even be non-chauvinistic, but there are times when he can’t leave his patronizing trap behind. From your driving skills to your motor skills, he will patronize the hell out of you till you give it up and go for his help. Men, however educated and forward thinking, need to have the upper hand. It’s not because they think less of you, it’s just how they are made! The best part is, half the times he wouldn’t even know that he is actually being an MCP with you. Watch out for the tell-all signs, ladies.


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