Top 5 Mind-Games That Men Play

Men have quite a bit of mood swings that can give their female counterparts a run for their money. Many feel that it’s only women who indulge in mind-games. They are wrong, of course! Because men play it all the time. And play it rather well too! We take you through top five mind-games played by men. Read on!

#4 The before and after avatar:
If you’re fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to marry your highschool sweetheart, you’ll notice a massive change in his behaviour post marriage! While he always got you thoughtful presents, made you feel special and was there at your beck and call during your dating days, he has now turned into a boring slob, who forgets to call you and doesn’t remember to get you anything for your birthday either! Damn it. When women remain the same even after tying the knot, men go through a 360 degree change. Why!


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