Top 5 Mind-Games That Men Play

Men have quite a bit of mood swings that can give their female counterparts a run for their money. Many feel that it’s only women who indulge in mind-games. They are wrong, of course! Because men play it all the time. And play it rather well too! We take you through top five mind-games played by men. Read on!

#3 Hidden emotions:
Men are as emotional and needy as we are. Perhaps more. But They won’t let those emotions surface. They will try to be macho and very hero-esque in every situation. They feel the need to be the ‘guy’ in a relationship, especially if you’re slightly more successful and better looking than him. They say it’s healthy to cry once in a while and men should cry more often as it showcases their sensitive side. If only men showed more emotions and quit playing games with our hearts. Sigh.


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