This Trick Will Help You In Applying Eyeliner Correctly EveryTime

applying eyeliner correctly

No matter how good you are at doing makeup, when it comes to applying eyeliner, you find it tricky.

It’s one thing to put eyeliner on someone else’s eyes but another to apply it on yours.

A lot of hands shake, many make mistakes and when the result is untidy, it kind of breaks our heart.

But you don’t have to deal with all that mess anymore because we have the tricks that will help you learn how to become a master of eyeliner. All you have to do is just follow these tips like a holy book and remember everything before you put on the eyeliner.

So, here’s the trick that will help you in applying eyeliner correctly every time.

Applying eyeliner correctly –

  1. The Trick

Tilt your jaw up, and look down a bit. At that point follow the top from inward to external corner, remaining as near to the lash line as could be expected under the circumstances. When you achieve the external corner, expand the line around the edge of your forehead but remember not to go too far and stop where you have to.

  1. Finishing

You need to repeat this again but this time following a new line specifically over the first. For a significantly better impact, repeat it again on both the eyes.

What’s more?Well, remember these points while applying it

Keep your face loose. While you may be enticed to pull the skin around your eye tight, extending the skin while you apply liner will bring about an odd looking, rough line.

Instead of making your arms tight and all, you need to provide them with support. A lot of people tend to think that they spoil their hands because their hands shake but the truth is that it is all lack of support. So, try to put your elbows on a table while you apply eyeliner and then go for it to see a better result.

These tricks will help you in applying eyeliner correctly – This is the perfect procedure that everyone follows while applying an eyeliner and if you too are looking for perfection, this is what you need to follow too.

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