Some Real Useful Tips On How To Select A Green SmartPhone For The Eco-Friendly Youth

How to buy eco-friendly smartphone – Are you looking for a green smartphone but confused what factors to consider? Below is an insight on how one can select an eco-friendly phone to curb some of the environmental issues

In the past few years, advancements in technology have awed us in unimaginable means & ways.

This rapid progress also indicates a surge in massive amount of waste, toxic chemicals, and dangerous working conditions.

Nevertheless, with the entire world supporting a green movement across all activities, smartphone manufacturers have also been doing their bit to ensure the least harm to the environment.

Today’s tech-savvy yet environmentally conscious generation can choose from an array of options for going green while making their next phone purchase.

Listed below are a few tips on how to choose an eco-friendly smartphone

  1. First things first, one needs to wonder that is it really essential to buy a new device? There is no denying that every month there is a flotilla of mobile phones with new & exciting features that enter the market for tempting the young brigade to ditch their old phones. Nevertheless, the best way for making a green choice is to recycle an old device or buy a used one. This not only keeps toxic e-waste out of the landfill, but also helps in saving a lot of money. 
  1. If it’s imperative to buy a new smartphone, then eco-conscious people may opt for a company that uses the least hazardous chemicals during the manufacturing process. While most companies use harmful chemicals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, and biphenyls, surprisingly Motorola and Apple are two tech giants that manage to produce green smartphones. Yes, it may sound quirky, but iPhones are one of the most eco-friendly phones in the market.   
  1. Did you know that the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 also supports green living? Well, the reason is slightly different from the rest of the flagship devices. The essence of saving the planet comes alive in the packaging style of the device. Firstly, the box of the spectacular phone uses recycled paper. Further, the manuals and other documentation are also carved out of recycled paper with printing done by soy ink. 
  1. Look out for certifications which guarantee that the phone is sustainable and safe for use. In this segment, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a clear winner which holds UL Platinum as well as a TCO certification. 
  1. Another way of indulging in a green smartphone is to buy a multi-functional device which not only serves the purpose of a phone, but also offers the services of a digital camera, GPS system, e-reader, electronic planner, music player, calculator, and more. By consolidating all the gadget needs in one device, one may avoid investing in separate peripheral devices. The fewer electronics one buys, lesser is the impact on the planet.  

There are several other means by which one can encourage sustainable living such as purchasing a phone with exceptional battery life for saving energy & electricity, opting for brands that offer recycling schemes, and many more. Needless to say, there are countless ways of reducing the environmental impact, but selecting a green mobile phone is a small step towards embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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