Anushka In PK Looked Like A Donald Duck. Here Are Few Tips For A Better Pout

Instead of getting the exaggerated Donald Duck pout like Anushka is it possible to have some tips on getting the perfect lips without much ado.

Anushka Sharma’s close up shots in the movie PK made her look like a complete Donald Duck. Disappointing her fans across, she had the pout of a duck…much grave than even the times we do the duck pout during selfies.

Augmentation if considered then there is one point that should be kept in mind.

As per study, if your lower lip is a bit fuller or the length of the upper lip when you open your jaws covers the frontal teeth then avoid augmentation.

The procedure after making your upper lip fuller the extra filling doesn’t have any place to go as the length is already big and hence it pouts out like a duck.

Well here are some tips on getting the perfect lips without much ado.

You don’t need a surgery or a temporary filling or whatever the celebrities are setting the trend. Clearly the trend is not very well accepted by the fans.

So instead of getting the exaggerated Donald Duck pout like Anushka is it possible to have some ‘DIY’ tips that could make your lips fuller and perfect?

Well to start with I need to say that the shape of your lips is the most important. The rest of the make-up follows on the basis of that shape.

So how do you know if the shape is perfect?

Ideally as per reports the perfect lips are the ones where the upper lip is in the shape of a cupid bow.   Also just make sure the measurement is 1.1cms from the bottom of the nose to the top part of the upper lip i.e. from where the color of your lip starts and not exactly the topmost part.

If you have these criteria naturally then great otherwise we can always bank on the make-up.

You can convert the lip line with a concealer. Draw a heavy concealer outwards if you have a bigger gap between the bottom of your nose to the color start of your upper lip. If the gap is 1.1cms or less then a thin concealer would do.

Concealer in many DIY tutorials is shown to be important as it adds the plump factor and highlights your lovely lips.

The lip pencil can then be used around the lips inside the area outlined by the concealer. Here also you can play around with the thickness of the liner.

The lining inside the concealer is the most crucial one as it decides the shape of the lips you would want to flaunt. Make the cupid bow shape edging the outer ends of your lips. 

The shade of the lipstick that you want to put can be used now in the entire surface outlined by liner that is again outlined by concealer.

If you still want to add little more pouty effect to your lips, then you can dab concealer in the middle of your lips to highlight the pout.

It is that easy to get a sensuos, pouty and perfect lips without any temporary filler or surgery. Hope we see Anushka Sharma getting the duck pout fixed very soon.

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