These 4 Reasons Will Make You Hate Non Veg Food And Quit It Instantly!

The never ending argument which speaks of which diet is better than the other comes to an end, as we tell you which is better and why.

2. Health 

Thanks to an abundance of scientific research that demonstrates the health and environmental benefits of a plant based diet. As a matter of fact, about seventy percent of all diseases, including cancers, are related to non vegetarian diet. That vegetraian diet is easier to digest and more healthy is no news to you. Apart from that, a veg diet reduces the risk of chronic degenrative diseases like obesity, diabetes, blood pressure and certain types of cancer as well.

There has always been this hype about vegetarians being devoid of proteins and that, they’re missing out of life so much. However, contrary to the belief, hard core non vegetarians are devoid of many other minerals which is essential for proper functioning of the body. They generally complain of high blood pressue, liver disorders and stomach ulcers. So no. It’s not the vegetarians who are missing out on life, but the non-vegetarians. And it’s high time you learn, if you haven’t yet.

The urokinase protein in meat can cause kidney stones, liver disorders, stomach ulcers, different types of cancers like colon, prostrate, intestinal etc if not decomposed, which cannot be possible, unless a particluar enzyme is secreted in appropriate proportion. When you decide to eat out or consume food not cooked at home you don’t really know if the meat you’ve had was fresh or not. Bingo! Your stomach gives you a roll over. Sorry to say, but the diahorrea you’re ailing from, is all because of your greed.

Also, contrary to the belief you’ve trusted in since you were born, meat is not the only source of protein. There are few plant proteins that are complete and not harmful unlike that in red or white meat. Why take risk? Eating meat is not going to give you anything other than a slow painful death.


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