Building Your Own Livelihood: A Career In Food Processing Industry

Who doesn’t want to gorge on these products as a teen? This area of science is not limited only to humans but animals as well.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say food? Pasta, pizza or any form of bread, pastries, cocoa products and not to forget, alcoholic beverages.

Who doesn’t want to gorge on these products as a teen? As a kid, I always wondered how do these products survive the edible tag for so long after getting packed.

Food processing is a modern methodology that improves the distribution and enhances the marketing of the food products. It is considered as a branch of food science, where a set of methods and techniques are used to transform raw ingredients into food for safe consumption.

This area of science is not limited only to humans but animals as well. Yes, that flavour of Pedigree your dog/cat loves is one of the best products of our food processing industry. Here are the important things you need to know before you decide to pursue a career in it…


The first step to get into food processing industry is to have physics, chemistry and biology as a major in 10+2, as it is the minimum qualification for most of the courses in food processing. Most colleges offer courses in food processing, conduct entrance exams to admit students. It’s better if you conduct a research on the courses offered and the college as well, before you apply.


A SWOT( Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat) analysis is necessary before you opt for a career in this industry. The reason being, testing of your endurance to work in a sector, which is still at a nascent stage, though high in opportunities.


It is imperative that you know all about the nature of work this sector involves. Preparation of raw materials, crushing, blanching, mixing or packaging. The food processing industry offers extensive range of job opportunities for varied range of professionals- managerial, food technologists, engineering graduates etc. Therefore, candidate willing to explore his/her career in it definitely can look for right designation.


I don’t think any information is required on the demand. Like they say, be it recession or inflation, the demand for food industry is not going to get affected in any way. Food processing industry in India has a very potent market for consumer food. In coming decades a boom can be expected in the sector with immense demand of trained professionals.

Pros and Cons

P- The industry is in a developing stage and has a lot of potential. Salary packages are attractive.

– As there is no technical acumen required in ths field, candidates possessing domain knowledge has higher employability.

C- A highly trained professional is supposed to look after different processes and work with employees who are otherwise not very talented.


In India Food Processing industry is gaining momentum as the consumer food industry is seeing an upward trend. The expanding food processing sector offers extremely attractive employment opportunities. The demand, as we all know, possesses a rising curve. Here are a few leading universities tht provide courses on food processing industry…

Some of the leading institutes are as follows:

• National Sugar Institute

• National Dairy Research Institute

• MS University, Vadodara

• Gujarat and Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore

• Krishi Vishwavidyalaya, Himachal Pradesh

• Fruit Technology Institute, Lucknow

• Central Institute of Fisheries Education




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