Every Foodie’s Heaven Lies In These 8 Bollywood Movies!


6. English Vinglish

The sweet little movie with the added sweetness of homemade laddoos! Shashi, the conventional Indian homemaker, played by none other than Sridevi, wishes to come over her fears and insecurities and sets out to learn English, that too in a completely alien city like New York. While she excels at that too, she never ceases to floor us with her perfect looking little balls of joy, the laddoos that we see in many scenes in the movie, and served with utmost care. Also, the culinary discussions among Shashi and her French chef classmate, take the movie to a different level altogether, which of course creates a bonding among these two. Well, I just could not take those laddoos off my mind, days after I watched it. Just wanted to dig my teeth into one, right there and then and let it melt in my mouth. I bet you would too!












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