Every Foodie’s Heaven Lies In These 8 Bollywood Movies!


3. Cheeni Kum

Hell yeah, write food and how could I not jot down this one helluva movie, which served us the most unconventional Bollywood jodi ever. Watching Tabu and  Amitabh Bachchan as a couple was a feast in itself. And to add to it, came the Zafrani Biryani, Murg Rogan Josh, Masaaledaar Kaddu and Yakhni Pulao being served to the entire London. (Why do the all the Indian food wallahs land in London? I am beginning to wonder now!) Nevertheless, the flavour of romance adds to the food to make the movie complete. Big B here plays Buddhadeb Gupta, a London restaurateur who prides himself on the finest Indian food and runs a cellphone-free kitchen. He believes that a perfect Biryani is more colossal an achievement than Da Vinci’s Last Supper, and I so agree there!  The animated argument about the recipe for the perfect Biryani, and lots of food talk and food tips through the length of the movie, keep us glued to it.  What should go in first into hot oil – hing or onions? At what stage of cooking should lime juice be added? Cheeni Kum gives you the answers.

And a lot of eye feast to the foodie movie buffs! Wanna sample?












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