Every Foodie’s Heaven Lies In These 8 Bollywood Movies!


Did it happen to you?

That you come out of a theatre after watching a movie and there is this lingering taste of an appetizing dish on your tongue, your mouth is watering like a cascade and start to crave for the very same food you just saw being served in the movie!


Ahhh… I can so relate to it! You know, it’s an enormous orderly disorder which is called a Foodie Movie Buff!

Now, I am sure you won’t ask me what is that! You know that already, don’t you?

To me, foodie movie buffs are the happiest people on earth for they have endless life coming their way, every day, in the food and movie avatars!

They are the lucky ones who definitely have the best of both worlds.

And my friend, If you are one of them, these 8 bollywood movies for food lovers.

1. Bawarchi

Coming from the canvas of yesteryears, this movie is an absolute heaven for people who believe in earthy cinema and ultimate taste of simplicity. Kaka Rajesh Khanna played a bawarchi (cook) in this flick, who knows the magic of putting life back into anything and everything that goes comatose. He chooses Sharma family as his next job house, which is suffering from the utter love loss, and he does this only for the reason that he lives for – bringing love back! And how does he do it, you may ask? Undoubtedly, food and love take the toast! His skills in the kitchen, are absolutely miraculous! The way he chops vegetables with eyeball-popping speed, stirs two cooking pots at the same time and shares pearls of kitchen wisdom from time to time – such as how to jazz up boring colas with lemon and masala, he comes across as a true kitchen fanatic!

And there is a lot more food in it. Go Watch!









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