Every Foodie’s Heaven Lies In These 8 Bollywood Movies!


2. Ramji Londonwaley

The R Madhwan starrer flick is still remembered by its title song, “Jaisi bhookh dekhe waisa de niwala, Ramji ke pass hain sabke liye masala”! Which means, he’ll give you just the food to sate your appetite, for each one Ramji gets the spice right”. What a gem of a film, yet a little less known. Maddy played a skilled cook from Bihar who somehow lands in London and forced to do silly stuff to avoid getting deported. He finally catches a job in an Italian eatery and manages to pull a good one there. Well, this one for sure is for all the vegans out there who could take pleasure in Ramji’s desi vegetarian culinary skills, while he brings some of the Indian local Bihari cuisine to the limelight, and the images of the food are…

mmmm… mouthwatering! Taste it.













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