10 things to do with an old chair

Don’t throw it away and use these tricks to create something new out of it’¦

Don’t throw it away and use these tricks to create something new out of it…


  1. Wall art: Dismantle the chair and take out its legs, arms, backrest and seat. Paint them or leave them like that for a rustic appeal. Find a suitable wall and put up in a fashion which looks appealing.


  2. Magazine holder: Take out the spindles, arms and set of the chair. Use the seat as the base and crate a boundary of some height with the spindles and arms. Paint if wish.


  3. Coat hanger: Use just the back frame of the chair to create a coat rack or hanger. Nail in a few hooks and it’s done.


  4. Towel rack: Take out the backrest and fix it on the wall to be used as a rack to hang towels.


  5. Shelf: Turn the backrest of a chair into a shelf to be hung on the wall or kept on the floor.


  6. Frame: Use the backrest or the seat as a photo frame.


  7. Planter: Turn it into a chair planter and place it in your garden or veranda.  


  8. Swing: Remove the legs and use the rest of the frame as a swing.


  9. Bench: If you have a few similar chairs, you can use them to create a bench for your garden or veranda. Join them together and nail a single, longish wooden plank on their seats. You can further pad it up with foam and wrap a fabric around the seat.


  10. Dog dish: Drill out enough portion from the seat of the chair to fix in a bowl and turn it into a dog dish.  

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