5 Ways To Get Your Dream Job When You’re Unemployed

Dream Job

Dream Job – People generally tend to take up any job they applied for when they’ve been unemployed for a long time. And why shouldn’t they be?

Unless you’re taking some time off the work schedule, being unemployed is highly de-motivating and probably kills your productivity too. That, however, does not imply that you should go ahead with any job you initially applied for and have been offered.

It could be quite possible that you did not get the job you desired the most because you were too anxious to not commit a mistake. Research shows that more than fifty percent of job candidates do not express themselves as clearly as they do in their resume. We suggest a few ways you could bag your dream job, while you’re unemployed. Read on!

1.Know what a dream job is
The meaning of a dream job changes with every single person. Think about what is that thing you would get from your job that makes you happy and contented. Too often people think about a dream job based on fantasy instead of a realistic approach at what they would love to do to get paid.

2.Get creative
Yes, you are probably bored of doing nothing and thinking about a lot of stuff. And because you’re tired of the daily routine you need a change. A change that will create a spark within you. Indulge in things that make you happy. Socialize and develop new ways to change your attitude.

3. Networking
The biggest source of getting your most desired job in today’s date is networking. Professional networking websites are a great source to market oneself as recruiters spend hours on it searching for potential candidates. What grabs a recruiter’s attention are your skills and accomplishments. Join theses websites and ask your friends for a recommendation or endorsements.

4. Catching the employer’s interest
While you apply for your dream job, make sure that you have something extraordinary to offer the employer. Tell them what can you do for them. The more specific, the better. Because this is YOUR dream job, convey to the employer why could you be the best candidate for the profile.

5. You are not perfect
You don’t know how many candidates your prospective employer might have interviewed. Be confident and not overconfident. It’s presumptuous and amateurish to say that you’re perfect. Think about it. Had you been the hiring manger would you hire someone who brags about being perfect for the job?

With the job economy on a roll, being unemployed is so not a big deal. But if you really want to do something good in life and bag your most desired job, you need to strategize and get creative.

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