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How to look best on wedding day – it is time that you, ‘the groom’ have a good look in the mirror and find out your skin and hair woes before time flows by. You can then go by the guide here to enhance your skin and body health, to look your best on the day meant for you.

Your wedding day is your D-Day too, men. It is not only the bride who should be looking her best but, it is the couple as a whole that becomes the centre of attraction on the special day.

If you have not been following a skin-care regime or not had a very hygienic body care routine, you may be in for a nightmare as your wedding day draws close.

If you think that real men cannot be metrosexual enough for turning up regularly for spa treatments and facials, then you must follow this guide below for rejuvenating your skin so that you do not look tired and weary on the big day, even though you might actually tire up your muscles with the wedding arrangements.

It might be a shocker for you to even think of spending a day at the spa with several people treating your hair, nails and face but it is all worth it when you see the wedding albums and relatives praising both you and your bride-to-be for looking amazing.

Brace Your Face for the wedding:

You may want to begin with washing your face twice a day and use an after-shave moisturizer for getting rid of that dry skin. You will need a facial on the day prior to your wedding as this would remove all impurities from your skin, making you look and feel like a new person altogether.



Achieve the Flawless Look:

Tired of your blackheads and dark spots? A daily scrub and weekly face packs can remove the dead cells and grime from your skin to give you the clean, fresh and flawless look. Trust me, your fiancée will be awed by you and may fall in love with you all over again.



A Hairy Affair:

Solve all your hair woes before it is too late. Get a new haircut that suits your face and personality a week or so before the wedding. You may well have the cut a month before the wedding to see if it goes with your look. If not, your hair will anyway grow in 30 days’ time. Plan on conditioning your hair every alternate day or at least 3 days a week to get rid of that entire frizz factor. This will give your hair enough bounce, heath and sheen. You can massage your hair with oil on your own every alternate day to give it a glow and make it softer. Hair gel can be avoided for a while. Dandruff and split ends can be as much havoc for you as it may be for the bride so treat them before they ruin your special moments.



Beard it well:

You may want to experiment with your beard styling a month before your wedding so that there is enough time for you to grow it long, trim it, have the moustache only or manage a clean French beard. It is always safer to try your wedding outfit with your new haircut or beard styles as you can then decide on which beard style to keep or if you should keep a beard at all. A classic straight-edged shave from a barber shave is what will save your day and make you grab eyeballs on the special evening. You can also plan a group shave with your buddies and go for a luxury wet shave for the ultimate relaxation.



Tame the untamed:

You may not want your wedding pictures to show those long nose hair or filthy ear hair so pluck the untamed mane before it becomes a bane.



Essential salon grooming:

If the regular cleansing-toning-moisturising is too much of a hassle for you, you can always opt for grooming yourself in a local salon. Try the skin-care packages that you are most comfortable with and that which you need the most. Do not be scared to try new treatments like bleaching but, you can ask the salon professional to use mild products as you never know what you may be allergic to. You would certainly want to spare yourself the pain and trauma of skin allergy before your wedding.



Drop the paunch:

A little lifestyle alteration such as jogging or walking and eating nutritional food can help you achieve a more balanced and fitter physique. Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the belly bulge and return to your fitter self. You may enrol yourself for regular workout in a gym for 6 weeks or so before the wedding. If you are in shape and want to tone your muscles, you can consider running for half an hour or so daily. Exercising and healthy diet are the building blocks to a toned body but you must not exert yourself more than you can sustain, by over-exercising.



Curing Mani and Pedi:

You may also want to flaunt clean nails both for your fingers and toes so that the rituals involving your hands and feet do not hamper your confidence. A manicure and a pedicure will complete your body’s essential, much-desired grooming.


With these handy tips and your pre-wedding joy in place, you can now hope to be the showstopper for your wedding and may even give a tough competition to your bride-to-be. What say?

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