How To Get Another Job Almost Instantly After You’ve Been Fired!

How to get a job

How to get a job – Being unemployed is one of the most wanted phase of life, which can worsen when the efforts you put in for job search aren’t paying off.

Getting fired can feel like the end of the world, but it doesn’t mean that you never get to work ever again. After all that was not the only job in the world. And you never know, you being laid off may be in your best interest.

The major problem job searchers face during this stage is when they’re unable to understand what exactly needs to be done. We suggest a few ways which might help you How to get a job almost instantly after you’ve been fired. Read on!

How to get a job –

1. Getting a reference

Depending on why you were fired and who gave you the letter, you may want to check if you can still get a reference from your former employer. Counselors believe that being gracious and taking full responsibility of your termination, whether or not you agree with it, might go a long way.

Your employer might be less inclined to speak negatively, if you leave on a positive note. At the same time, it is quite possible that you won’t be able to get a reference from the employer who just fired you. So, it is very important to develop your network, who can talk about your skills as you look for a new job.


2. Professional networking

Professional networking websites are a great source to market oneself as recruiters spend hours on it searching for potential performers. What grabs a recruiter’s attention on these websites are your accomplishments and endorsements. To get your skills endorsed, you could either endorse your friends (I’m sure they wouldn’t mind endorsing your skills in return) or ask others for a recommendation.


3. Choose what you say

As you look for a new job, be careful about what and how you talk in front of your prospective employers. Terms such as ‘differences in opinion’or ‘differences in creative direction’ have been known to work for most of the job seekers. Whatever you do, remember not to talk negative about your previous employers. That may leave a negative impression on your prospective employers.


4. Redo your resume

Quantifying your accomplishments in the resume and allowing the hiring manager to create an image of your work and responsibility could earn you brownie points for job hunting. Transform your resume and let it communicate your creative side. After all, it is your resume that does the talking in your absence and lands you up in a personal interview.


5. Reassess yourself

Getting fired can shake your self confidence and identity. So it is important that you think about all those things you have been successful in, in the past. Reinvent yourself and look for a whole new change of focus. You may have to ask yourself tough questions like- Is this what I wanted to do, and questions regarding your expectations from life, but again, all these questions will boost up your level of confidence for your new job.


You may want to take a break and nurse your wounds, but if you keep yourself off the search for a long time, you may lose out on good opportunities. So, be positive and go get yourself a better job.

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