Why Are The First Ninety Days Of Your Job So Important

Ninety days of job

Ninety days of job – They say change is the only constant in life, which includes your career too.

But the reality is that, you get to face all sorts of workplace change, when you get a promotion, land at a different company and even when your own organization downsizes or merges with another organization.

During all this transition, even your role is quite likely to shift, which could include a number of things- tackling new job responsibilities, working in a different environment or reporting to a new boss. At times, it could be all of the above. Impressing your manager and colleagues within the first few months is not only essential to your success in your new role, but also for your overall career. After all this job too is an important part of your career.

Ninety days of job –

First impression is the last impression

A number of research show that what you do early during a job transition is what matters the most. Your colleagues and your boss form opinions about you based on limited information and those opinions are crucial. Once they’ve formed an opinion of you, it might be really hard to change it. So shape their impressions of you to the best of your ability.

The key to make a good impression

Rather than focusing totally on technical job skills, try to learn the way your office function- politics too, if possible. Build key relationships early. Learn from your colleagues or boss about people who have a hold, in your team and then invite them for lunch or coffee, and pick their brains. Because you may want to have support on all levels, don’t just build vertical relationships. Create horizontal relationships with your colleagues as well.

Falling into a vicious circle

If you make early mistakes, people will look upon you as an ineffective employee, because they might be seeing you through a darkened lens. Being late for work, in the first week itself could make people think of you as unpunctual or lazy. And if you make a bad call and the company loses money, your judgement may be called into question when it comes to future decisions.

In most situations, employers don’t expect you to win the best employee award or hit the homeruns during the first few weeks. Set your goals, practice networking and keep your mind open. A lasting impression and reputation is going to give you credits for long.

Why did I mention ninety days of job specifically, you ask?

Because the first ninety days of job is a recognized time frame in the business world. Companies generally track how they’re doing based on how much progress they make each quarter, which is why you should too.

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