Here’s How Stepping Out OF Your COMFORT Zone Will Make You Love Your LIFE!

Step Out Of Comfort Zone

Step Out Of Comfort Zone – I’m sure that you might’ve heard the popular saying “GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND TAKE RISK IN YOUR LIFE.”

The question is, have you taken risk or are you planning to take it? Or let’s just be honest, “Are you AFRAID to experience the things that are on the other side?” Frankly, you’re NOT the only one caught up in this mess. I’ve been there and I know many who are struggling with the same thing.

But understand that getting out of comfort zone is important and no matter what; you should take the risk.

The reason you should do it, is because you should learn new things and explore new talents hidden within you. What happens is, sometimes we get so COMFORTABLE that we keep on living LIFE the same way. In this mess, at times it kills to live such a comfortable life too. Based on my experiences, I’ve spent days where I was “COMFORTABLE” and every single day I was repeating the same damn thing. At one point, I got so FRUSTRATED that I just wanted to come out of that zone. But honestly, I was AFRAID. I wasted too many days in the fear of changes and continuously lived my boring LIFE. One day, I decided to do what’s best. I “Faced My Fear” and here I am.

You know; FEAR is a great enemy.

Step Out Of Comfort Zone

But who says that you cannot beat it? YOU CAN. You just need to decide that you’re going to take risk and that’s it, you’re a step ahead to DEFEAT your fear. Sometimes, when you get too comfortable, you leave experiencing new things and you don’t take risk. But in reality, you should take risk to understand and explore yourself better in this crazy LIFE.

Trust me; you should push the boundaries of your comfort zone to experience LIFE.

I know that leaving comfort zone is a big deal. You know; in your zone you FEEL that you’re safe and there’s no stress etc. But do you think that’s enough? I mean, do you want to live a LIFE where you’re only doing one thing every day, same routine etc? Don’t you want to explore and take challenges? On the other end, there are things that can show you the better version of yourself. You know; someday sit with a person who has taken risks in LIFE and notice the way they talk.

I am not saying that staying in a COMFORT ZONE is a bad thing. It clearly isn’t. But in order to try new things, you should take challenges. Sometimes, what happens is, you take risk and then you discover something best about YOURSELF.

There are many who will give you examples about how stepping out of comfort zone made ‘em love their LIFE again.

You don’t have to jump into taking big decisions.

You can start with small ones. Later, you can do the things that you always wanted to do without caring about others and what they think. It’s okay IF it isn’t giving you the positive result, but do it and be proud.



(Image Source: British Exploring Society)

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