This is How Female Bosses Are Treated At Workplaces

Female Bosses

Female Bosses – Sexism rules the roost in India and women in high-end positions too are not spared from it.

If they make it to the top thereby rubbing shoulders with her male counterparts, it seems like her biggest undoing because she is always under scrutiny and judged for all her decisions left right and centre. TAlking about a woman boss, the reference of Meryl Streep with her asture air in The Devil Wears Prada crosses our minds but sadly women bosses are subjected to unsavoury experiences in workplaces here are turned into bully-bosses.

More often than not, Female Bosses are imbued with odious adjectives behind her back such as “aggresive bitch” or “passive aggreassive bitch” . No, don’t freak out already, ‘the indifferent bitch’ is also there in the block.

This spectre of bullying female bosses at work stems from man’s fear of seeing the woman in power however they advocate gender equality at the workplace. Men act more aggressively to the hypothetical female bosses.

There is a stark contrast to be seen in the ways how female hardworking bosses are treated at the workplace in comparison with the male bosses. Male hardworking bosses will always be held in high regard or deemed as examples when they show their professional chops but the female boss will be reminded of her domestic duties that her children are growing up with an absent mother when she starts to climb up her career ladder real fast. When the male boss chases target and hits the bull’s eye, they will swoon over his genius but when the female boss pulls off the same performance, she will be cited as power hungry.

In the same manner, when the male boss brings his child to work, they will receive a pat on his shoulder for being a ‘dedicated father’ but when a female boss brings her child to work, she will be bombarded with questions as to who will look after her kids when she dedicates her time to work.

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