How Creating A Better Work Culture Can Benefit You And Your Employers

We see a few things which employees expect from employers and vice versa, that contributes towards creating a better work culture. Read on!

For corporate workers and managers both, a good work culture is of greater importance than they’ve known it to be. How do you define an ideal job? Good profile, job satisfaction, perks and bonuses, identity, recognition of your efforts and the most importantly- money. Amidst all this do you realize that none of these make you what you truly want to be known for.

You’re going to gain recognition only when you put your efforts and they’re recognised in the right manner. And for that to happen, it is important for you to work in an organization with an amazing work culture. In that respect I would ask you if you see yourself as a good employee or employer (term depends on the nature of your job).

Because the company culture influences each and every development at your workplace, a well maintained company culture creates positivity around the organization. And a better work culture can only be created when employers as well as employees strive for it, as either of their effort is equally important for the organization. We see a few things which employees expect from employers and vice versa, that contributes towards creating a better work culture. Read on!

What does your employer expect from you

Dependability: You were offered this job becuase of your achievements which your present employer looks forward to. Dependability being one of the foremost reason. Show that you can be trusted with everything that comes under your work profile. Take personal ownership of all aspects of your job. Right from punctuality to professionalism to commitment and to being formal. Employers/managers like employees who can be depended upon in any situation that strikes the organization.

Positive representative of brand: Employers look for individuals whom they are proud to say, are on board. They look for people who are trustworthy, have solid reputation, knows in and out of worl ethics and has a good sense of what’s appropriate in which situation.

Team player: No one, absolutely no one can achieve the ‘best employee award’ in an organization, working completely alone. Employers are always on look out for employees who truly value team work and give their success credits to the whole team.

What does your employee expect from you

Revealed or not, employee job expectations have huge impact on their behaviour and attitude towards work. Psychologists estimate that and average employee contributes only twenty percent of the total potential he possesses, which in turn affects the productivity. Here are a few most common employee expectations…

Growth and recognition: Employees who’ve a prior work experience would expect this opportunity to help them learn something new. So to make the employee believe in his/her work, employer should make sure that they are given the freedom to install their ideas in the system. If the idea works, nothing could be greater than that, if not, well, at least employee will be satisfied about the trial. Also, the employer should never forget to appreciate the effort taken bythe employee.

Power to make decisions: When I say power to make decisions, I mean that the employer should let the employee excise his power to make decisions for himself or the idea. This will not only act as a self motivator but also make him a passive thinker.

More involvement with authorities: What kind of an employer are you if you do not mingle with or know about the expectations of your employees? Arrange meetings or team outings, so as to know more about your employee. They love it when the employer shows concern or interest towards them.

It is no news that people find their company’s culture as important as their satisfaction for the duties they perform. But what exactly makes a great work environment is both the employee’s as well as the employer’s contribution. Ever wondered what is the key to a successful business? It is imperative that employers should be well aware of what expectations do the employees have from the organization and employees from eployers. Only then will the work progress and so will you.

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