These Are The Strong Factors That Initiate Negative Office Politics!

Negative office politics factors – In and out of the office, we are all playing politics, knowingly, unknowingly. It’s only that many times we are not aware of the factors that instigated this political gamer within us.

So, what is OFFICE POLITICS after all.

Well, folks, I would, quite thoughtfully, define office politics as “Using real or perceived power and control to get what you want,  be it tangibles just like a salary raise, a corner office or something little more preferential, and the  intangibles like a promotion, visibility, influence over others and much more. All this,  sometimes at the expense of others.”

This definition brings home the fact that office politics is inevitable. Right?

Now this is a debatable point that office politics are always negative or they can be positive too. Most of us perceive the phenomenon as negative only. But why so?

Every Organisation Has Negative Office Politics

Name one  organization that doesn’t have a hierarchy of some or the other type. Tell me one company that does not have managers, supervisors, presidents, CEOs,  who hold some authority? 90% of our newsletter recipients and other respondents to our survey about the subject admitted to being aware of negative office politics in their organization. Many of them also admitted that they knew of serious conflicts in the organization caused by office politics. Brilliant, isn’t it?

If this is a common feature, then is it that every employee or executive is injected with NEGATIVE OFFICE POLITICS SERUM before being placed in an office environment? Well,  It seems so. Or are there any valid reasons that make each one of them a gamer as soon as they see themselves in an organisational structure.

Let us just enlighten you with some of the most influential factors that bring the office politics in every organisation, in every employee.


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