Learn These Practical Pranks To Take Sweet Revenge On Your Siblings..!!


 1.  Alarm clock prank

Hide multiple alarm clocks in your sibling’s room and set the alarm at 3 AM. See how they go crazy trying find and stop these alarm clocks


2.  Replace Oreo cream with toothpaste

Takeout the creams of the Oreo’s and fill them with toothpaste, then refrigerate them overnight and serve these biscuits to your sibling at the morning breakfast. Watch them go Yumm, Umm, Ahmm!

 Oreo prank

3.  Crush prank

Write a note by the name of your sibling’s crush and send it to them saying ‘You want to meet them at so & so place and then leave another note at that place saying that you have changed your mind and ask them to meet somewhere else again. This can go on and on as long as one of doesn’t get tired.


4.  Scary Doll everywhere

This one’s very entertaining as it can scare the hell out of your brother/sister. All you have to do is place a scary looking doll or a bunch of them in different corners of the house and make it look as if its staring your sibling. It would be scarier if the doll is a talking one!


5.  Weird Noises at night with hidden music player

You can even scare your nemesis by secretly hiding a music player or a walkie-talkie toy near bed and play growling and other such scary sounds at night.


6.  The Lipstick Prank

You’ll have to get a little dirty for this but the results will be worth it. Just put on some lipstick and leave a mark on your brother’s shirt and watch your mother’s reaction to this..!!!


7.  Dog Poop

Buy some clay from the store, the one that can look like a poop. Then add some corn flakes and bread crumbs to that clay to give it an authentic poop look. Viola! The dish is ready to serve, place it wherever you want to.


8.  Shaving cream/toothpaste in shoes

The last thing they will look at is the insides of their shoes and that’s where you can hide many things. Like you can put some Shaving cream or toothpaste and if you do it perfectly then they won’t even realize before it’s too late!


9.  Food color and salt on toothbrush

That can be your style of adding some color to your sibling’s boring life..! Put some food color and salt in the toothbrush and they will see their mouth getting colored as they brush. How ironic right!


10.  Frozen Marbles on a sleeping sibling

Take a bowl of marbles and refrigerate them for an hour, after the marbles get really cold you just have to put them around your sleeping brother/sister and because of their weight on mattress those cold marbles will automatically gather around your siblings warm body! Watch them dance without music.


So which of these prank idea you liked?

You can also give your prank idea suggestions below in the comments section.

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