These Are The Strong Factors That Initiate Negative Office Politics!

Negative office politics factors – In and out of the office, we are all playing politics, knowingly, unknowingly. It’s only that many times we are not aware of the factors that instigated this political gamer within us.

Abuse of Power to Manipulate Others

Those who are in power, use their position of authority to manipulate others by any means, especially their subordinates. Many a times the power is used to put them through unnecessary tasks that lead to frustration and retaliation. Negative objectives will always reap negative results. Hence, negative office politics.


So guys, navigating the terrain of negative office politics can be daunting, but knowing exactly what they are all about at their root, can give you some insight on how to respond and you can plan your moves accordingly.

Our two cents: Try to steer clear of negative office politics, as much as possible.

All the best with that dirty little game.

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