Hijab Is Not Only A Tradition Anymore! It’s Becoming A Cool Fashion Statement!


Hijab, a traditional piece of cloth or a veil like garment which is worn by women in various cultures as a reverence to their institution of faith and belief. 

It is referred to by various names, some call it Khimar, or Niqab, or some simply call it a headscarf. Hijab, basically,  is an Arabic word meaning “cover.” The most common type of Type of hijab that is universally worn by modern-traditional women all over the world is a square scarf that covers the head and neck, but leaves the face clear. This form of Hijab is becoming a rage and women wearing it look strikingly beautiful, and quite astonishingly, glamourous too!

In cultures around the world, one can see a beautiful array of Hijab forms today. Travelling through countries, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, the Malay Archipelago and South Eastern Europe, a stunning diversity of colour, patterns, prints and materials of Hijab greet the eyes.

This traditional Muslim clothing, in its brand new avatar,  not only reflects the culture of the people and creativity of the clothiers, but it comes from a time honoured tradition of using locally grown materials, organic dyes and is especially suited to the climatic conditions of each region. Within this huge range of fashion, yet lies a simple unifying principle ; modesty and strong faith in customs. And that’s what is the most striking feature of Hijab Fashion.

Slowly and gradually, the monotonous looking attire has taken up a stance where we see it in varied pleasant looking pastel colours, monochrome prints and street-style textures. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Hijab has taken a prominent place in current eCommerce fashion market world over.  And it’s increasingly big business: The 2014–15 State of the Global Islamic Economy report by research firm DinarStandard found that Muslims spent $266 billion in 2013 on fashion, compared with $242 billion in 2012, and projects global spending of $484 billion by 2019. And Hijab, definitely is a part of global fashion research and development.

Way to go!

Numerous startups, keen to cash in on the demand, are now catering to the craving for stylish headgear, especially Hijab. Like Indonesian startup HijUp. Its marketing manager, Nenden Alifa, says that the company launched its eCommerce site in 2011 to bring a positive image of Muslim women. She’s emphatic that wearing a Hijab doesn’t leave you “trapped” anymore,  it’s a choice now, and she wants their fashion to reflect that.

I simply love this bearing of thought process. We are indeed evolving as communities and global society as a whole.

The most exciting part is that Hijab fashion trends and development also involves designers, and their collections are being showcased in many countries, including Indonesia, UAE and many other Muslim dominated countries.

So to say, World Hijab Fashion has evolved into a “street-style look,” and women are enjoying the simple styling, in various shades, hues and forms. Hijab is not just a tradition anymore, it has become a huge fashion statement.

I really wish to see such evolution in many other domains across the world.

Do share your thoughts with me.

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