Are You A Boss Hater? Things You Should Know

Boss Hater

Boss Hater – By reading the title, you all must have thought that somehow every employee is a boss hater.

Be it any damn reason!

You did not get a leave, you get overburdened, he/she is biased, you do not get a raise or some infinite number of reasons! Though these are some tiny ones and there are other like politics and racism and feminism and again some infinite reasons.

However, things we all should be aware of so that you don’t get into any trouble-

Boss Hater –

1 – Boss-Gossip –

Everybody does that but make sure you are not the one who goes into a flow while gossiping. Do not go over the board and crack jokes about your boss in front of anybody. People are judgmental in the office and they might mould it into some other way and then the whole office will make a laughing stock or maybe something worse than this will happen to you.

Boss Hater

2 – Influencing New Comers –

Whenever there is a new team entry, you are the first one to go and introduce yourself. Well! That’s a good thing but the real issue begins when you start telling him/her about the past happenings and create chaos.

Boss Hater

3 – You think your boss does not know a thing!

That’s the time when you are completely wrong. Especially when you are in a team, you are in a loop and maybe under your own influence but that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything outside this vicious circle. There exist people coated with candy all over and beneath them lies all bitter things. Try not to show off and over smart. Being yourself is the key which you should remember always.

Boss Hater

4 – Boss Haters never confront the boss

When you are in the initial stages, you never confront him/her just because of the fear of being caught red-handed and then when your habit grows, you eventually become an expert. This way you lead yourself in a very chaotic situation where there is no serious motivation and a healthy lifestyle as well.

Boss Hater

Boss haters are usually intellectual people but they tend to loosen all of their energy, intelligence observing their boss actions and then finding faults in it. The goal is not to overcome his position but just to prove him/her wrong in front of others, so the people do not look up to him as a boss. These people do not want to follow the orders instead are independent types may or may not be good enough for the team. Politics may ruin the team nature and eventually, the line of managers has to take strict actions followed by team split.

This is the sad part for any team where just because of one individual entity, everyone else has to suffer.

These boss hater become like one due to jealousy that they see themselves more deserving than the boss or could be the fact that they want to hide their own flaws. They might sound perfect or humorous or descent but they are not and they can never be.

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