Ten Signs That Prove Your Boss Is The Ravaan In Your Life !

Difficult boss

Difficult boss – Are you a boss that leads a lot or the one that makes use of the power?!

Like to work collectively with your group or love delegating the work due to the hold of authority?! Control freak or friendly boss?! Well, you might have already started thinking of why too many question!! Nothing, but trying to find out different traits that distinguishes you into ‘the best’ or ‘the worst boss’.

Here, are few traits that show you are the difficult boss, I mean the Ravaan to the people at your office. Check them out.

Handling a difficult boss

  1. No appraisal

Do you hate appraisal? Don’t have appraisals for your staff? Hmm. Poor staff, literally. Thats really sad when you don’t have the appraisals for your staff even though they show skill and development in the job.

  1. Love to be the upper hand always

You can be bossy, after all you are the boss. But too much of anything cannot be tolerated by anyone. Right?! Be a little nice to your staff and see them getting motivated by that.

Difficult boss

  1. Interferes into everyone’s work or group assignments

Interference into others work is very disturbing in fact. No one likes interference into their work. So, better be a boss and delegate the work to the teams. Keep supervising them, but not interfering.

Difficult boss

  1. Grants no leaves to the ones that badly needs one

Leaves are asked for when really in need. No one wishes to have their salary cut for leaves that that have no reason at all. Be good to them and try granting leaves for genuine reasons.

Difficult boss

  1. Thinks heis the wisest head out there

This is just being over confident. Just because you are the boss doesn’t mean you know everything and anything.

Difficult boss

  1. Not ready to accept suggestion and opinions

Be open to opinions and suggestions of your staff. No harm.They might come up with innovative ideas and business strategies. Give a ear to them and think of them later.

Difficult boss

  1. Never ready for change

Be ready to accept the changes. They get in new things and vibes into the life or your business. Never be scared of change.

Difficult boss

  1. Take the credit of group’s success

Leave the credit to whosoever deserves it. Don’t try taking the credit for the things that you haven’t done anything.

Difficult boss

  1. No long-term plans for the organization

Think about plans that help’s your organization in long-term instead of thinking about the present strategies and outputs.

Difficult boss

  1. Never stands responsible for failure or blame

Take equal responsibility in the failure or blame. Be there for your team. Take the failure as the lesson and step ahead accordingly.

Difficult boss

These are the signs of difficult boss – Really, have these trait’s that puts you in the class of hardest boss!? Okay! Then, remember you would never be liking by your people. Never late. Invite a change that every person at your office would love you for. Be the best boss every. Not an authoritative head please.

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