Top 5 Ingredients Of A Happy Love Life!


They say we fall in love by chance, but we stay in love by choice.

And well that choice is based on how you both stay in a relationship, don’t you think so?

Today I am going to list down top 5 ingredients you need for a happy love life.

Trust me not all in love are happy, but they don’t have a choice either because sometimes we get so attached to someone that even though we aren’t happy with them, it’s hard to say goodbye.

But why to say goodbye? If you can add these ingredients in your life, trust me you won’t regret it and would lead a life with your partner you always dreamed of.

So these are the top ingredients of a happy love life!

A happy you and a happy him!


Trust me your happiness matters the most, if you are a happy person and so is your partner chances are the relationship itself would be filled with happiness. Try to be a happy person and see the magic unfold.

Open and honest communication


How you communicate with your partner also plays a very important role in your relationship. Every relation has its own share of up and down, and trust me everyone has issues but how you resolve them plays an important part. Be honest and open when you communicate with each other. When you discuss things openly with each other, you get a chance to resolve that together, and hey you are a team! So always remember communication is really important in your relationship.

Respect for each other and for yourself!


As much as you need to respect your partner, the same respect you need to give yourself too. Remember if you don’t respect yourself, you cant blame if others aren’t respecting you either.

You need to respect each other as well. Remember everyone is different individuals and also have different views and nature so always respect them and their choices. Mutual respect and admiration help a relationship a lot.



One of the most important factor for any relationship is TRUST. If there is no trust, nothing will make you happy in your relationship. Trust each other and more precisely gain trust of your partner and learn to give space to each other. Someone has correctly said, I trust you is a better compliment than I love you.



A bit of romance in your life won’t hurt you either. You don’t really need to be ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ or ‘Kajol’ but remember your love life should have romance to keep that spark in your relationship alive. Learn to surprise each other sometime, and make sure that’s a pleasant surprise. It will surely make you and your partner happy.

Isn’t that simple to have all these things in your life?

Remember nothing is perfect, there is no theory to prove ‘And they lived happily ever after’, so you don’t have to worry about that.

You need to create the moments filled with happiness and trust me if you do that, nothing in the world can take your happiness.

Love is supposed to make you happy, so enjoy that happiness and if you can’t don’t ruin it for others.

Be happy and make your partner happy!

Have a happy love life!

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