These Are The Most Horrible Types Of Bosses That Are Sucking Employee’s Blood!

Horrible types of bosses

Horrible types of bosses – The secret of self improvement and profitability of the company largely depends on the god boss.

Right from the first day of interview to joining the organization, we all may have several dreams associated with the company. But what if we are clinging with the wrong one?

Here were bring to you some of the horrible types of bosses that you would wish that they should be never in your life.

Horrible types of bosses –

  • 24*7 working bosses: – As you step out of the office you get prompt of mail or phone for accomplishment of some task. At family time you may be asked to attend conference call. Phewww… this type of bosses could exhaust you to the core. Blood sucking ones! 
  • Confused bosses:- . Our company has got the contract, what should be our next step plan A or Plan B. They are basically Idiots who are confused and confuse employees too!
  • Planning Escape boss:- When you are stuck with some tedious task instead of helping they always have reason to escape. Dumb as* actually who can’t help when in need rather escapes, God save you if you have this type of boss. 
  • Micromanager type boss: – This type of bosses will not be happy even with your minutest work and will try to rectify you in every bit. These are the most annoying one you can’t even take a breather. They suck blood seriously!
  • Hates you: – Even if you are working overtime this type of boss will find minor mistakes to let you down in front of management. You are unlucky if you have this type of boss.
  • Supervising boss:- This form of boss are not less than teachers, even if they know that you are doing wrong, this form of boss will not correct you; but they will pinpoint your mistakes in front of management.
  • Old bosses: – Even in the age of digitalization they believe in following the ancient protocols. The old bosses will command their own discovered theory for work. They leave no chance to prove your style of work is wrong. 
  • The BFF type:- They will reveal even their personal thing in office work hours and will stop you always in work time, later you might need to sit till long hours to complete work. Too friendly ones who make you occupied with their personal stuff as if you are working to impress them.
  • Angry boss:- Firing staff is not a new thing for this boss later they are not even sorry for their deeds. Selfish creatures!
  • Clueless boss:- They are not even aware of what’s cooking and going around them.

These are horrible types of bosses – It would be so great even employees have fair chance of interviewing and judging the boss before getting appointed. What do you think?

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