Who Will Win This Time: Mahesh Bhatt Or Ekta Kapoor?


Bollywood has always been short of original stories and in recent times, it is all about remakes, copies and so called ‘inspirations’!

While in movies, Mahesh Bhatt is known to pick up real life incidents and weave a film around them for quick monetary profits, in TV Ekta Kapoor is known to exploit real life scenarios to the hilt after adding her own fictional twist to it.

Nowadays the country is going through some real hard times of watching the Indrani Mukherjea murder-saga unfold every few minutes by so many news channels. As such life wasn’t easy, the complicated case of Sheena Bora murder has added so much torture in everyone’s life that one can’t avoid such news and at the same time can’t even bear to watch it! One woman with so many husbands and those husbands with their ex-wives and then everyone’s accumulated off-springs with millions of rupees on stake and everything come tumbling out after three years of a murder! Can even a Sherlock Holmes or a Byomkesh Bakshi ever think of solving this jigsaw puzzle? For them this might be the challenge of their career!

Anyways, coming back to our own Bollywood, both Mr. Bhatt and Ms. Kapoor must be having their minds working overtime! Both of them must be wondering how soon they can lay their hands on murky intricate secretive details to write a script on. Money to produce such a movie is of course not a problem for them and both can either launch new actors or take bankable yet unemployed struggling actors (there are several of them!!!!) who would go to any lengths to grab a role in such an interesting flick! The way these two maverick film-makers work, it won’t be a surprise that they portray Indrani as the lead protagonist and show her as the do-gooder while portraying others in her life as villains! Even the murder can be turned into a hiding act only to get Sheena back after 5 years for revenge after some plastic surgery or re-incarnation born as an adult! Anything is possible!

With Indrani’s husband Peter Mukherjea’s background as ex-head of Star Plus channel, may be this could be a years-long TV show or a movie specifically made for the loyal audience of the channel. Lots of family drama intertwined with murder and suspense! What else do our innocent house-wives across the country want to idle their time away? Or when they want revenge on their husbands for forgetting to bring the right size of onions, they can torture them by making them watch this movie or show!

You see, Mr. Mahesh Bhatt and Ms. Kapoor already know that this is a money spinner and by now their respective teams must be brain-storming also to bring this idea into reality. The question is who will succeed?

My one-paisa worth of suggestion: join hands and bring it out together!

This way at least we will be spared of watching the same drama from two different filmmakers trying to shove their opinions and point of views down our throat to earn money in the name of entertainment!

Oh no, someone call Ram Gopal Verma has woken up to this news as well!

Got to run guys, only God can save us now!!

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