Here’s How Each Zodiac Sign Express Love Without Saying “ILU”!

Ways To Show Love

Ways To Show Love – There are so many ways to express love, without saying those three magical words “I love you”. To prove that a person is in love you, he or she doesn’t necessarily have to say “I love you”. There are so many ways to show love without using those three words.

So, just because your partner isn’t saying “ILU” doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. Here’s how your partner is showing you love, based on their zodiac sign.

Ways To Show Love –

  1. ARIES

Arians love to have FUN. Just because they aren’t saying “I love you”, doesn’t mean that they are not interested in you. They’re someone who will tease you in a loving way and that’s their indirect way to say “I love you.”


Sharing is caring. Taurus’ might not say “I love you” a lot, but they’ll indirectly shower you with love by sharing their things and caring a lot.

All you need to do is, pay attention to their actions.


Gemini’s are too shy and that’s the reason they say “I love you” very less. But, that doesn’t mean their love is less. Their way of expressing love to you is by making you laugh.

Yes, they’ll crack dumb (sometimes) jokes to make you laugh.


Compliments!! Yes, Cancerians will always compliment you “you’re looking gorgeous”, “Food is very tasty” etc.  All they care about is, making you comfortable inside the house as well as outside.

  1. LEO

Leo’s are always ready with “pickup lines”. No matter how bad the lines are, just to bring a smile and to make the weather romantic they’ll come up with pickup lines to express their love.

  1. VIRGO

Virgo’s are not shy. They’ll treat you with “I Love You’s”. Other than that; they’ll also put their partner’s need before theirs.

  1. LIBRA

Librarians are hardcore lovers. When in love, they’ll do anything to prove their love. They’ll write notes, sing a song, most importantly, they’ll treat you in a special way.


Instead of saying “I love you”, they’ll play with you with their eyes. When it comes to love, Scorpions are very good at expressing it. In short, they love playing cute games i.e. eye-contacts etc to romanticize things.


Jokes! Jokes! No matter how bad they are, they’ll invent new jokes to make you laugh. Yes, that’s their way to keep their partner happy and in love. Also, laughing is a great medicine and they’re very good at it.


Capricorn’s are very stubborn and they’re shy in terms of showing love. Their best way to show love is, by bringing gifts and surprising their partner.


When an Aquarius is in love with you, they’ll express it by sharing their secrets and being open-minded. Nobody else but the one they love are really lucky to know ‘em because they only express their true selves to their partner.


Pisceans are not good at saying “I Love You” when their partner wants to hear it. Pisceans are very romantic and they’ll make sure to give you the things that you desire the most.

This was all about zodiac signs ways to show love without saying “I Love You”. 

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