Career As An Air Hostess: A Lively Profession That Includes Travelling And Hospitality

Air Hostess

Air Hostess – To what extent do you love travelling? To be on your toes every day, travelling across countries to make sure that the people you’re travelling with are comfortable in their journey, is not an easy thing. If you’ve ever travelled in a commercial aircraft, you’d know what are we talking about.

Flying the friendly skies with a number of other passengers to ensure their convenience and safety has been proved as one of the classic travel job. The best thing about being an air hostess or cabin crew is that you get to go on routine trips to far away locales and get huge discounts on freebies, vacation flights and more. But frankly, before you decide to take it up as a career, think if you really like travelling as much as doing it every single day, as it is no cakewalk to be an air hostess. We tell you all about making a career as an air hostess.


Most of the airline companies have the same eligibility criteria for hiring cabin crew members. You need to be HSC pass out or a graduate with Diploma in hotel management and catering technology. Your physical constraints like height and weight might differ depending on the airline company you might work for. You must also be fluent in English and/or more languages. These are the basic qualifications required to be an air hostess.

The selection however would comprise of personal presentation, test and a personal interview. You need to be friendly, tactful and patient to be successful in this profession. Also, you should be prepared to work during odd timings.


After you get placed with a particular company, you’ll be given training on the do’s and don’ts of this industry. Airhostess training, in general, is not mandatory to get into this profession. Yet it is better to know how, what and where before you start, as a major part of this industry comprises of hospitality.

Job prospects

With an increase in privatisation and demand for air travel, the demand for airhostesses has been on a high. Private as well as public employers look forward to employ the best and talented and trained cabin crew members. You get to travel to your heart’s content for about ten years. Post that you get a chance to gain experience in different departments like, head attendant or ground duty attendant.

Pay packet and perks

During the start of your career you may not get paid as high as expected. Yet, you will be evaluated on your performance and be rewarded with bonuses and perks. A senior air hostess receives as much as Rs 50,000 to Rs 70,000 a month. Apart from that, you get to see all exotic locations, stay in 5-stars and shop in the malls you’ve just watched on TV.

Because as an air hostess  you’re required to make sure that the passengers are comfortable in their journey, you need to have a lot of patience , as not all your passengers are going to be humble to you (I’m sure that is no news to you). So fly, visit your favourite locations, interact with people around the world and shop to your heart’s content.

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