Alert These Are The Most Toxic Zodiac Couple Combinations

Toxic zodiac couple combinations

Toxic zodiac couple combinations – They are few couples that put in their heart and soul, but still can’t put up their relationship pretty well. And what do you think would be the reason behind. Zodiac signs that plays the game.

Of course, this might sound quite ridiculous for many. But trust me they have a lot of impact on our lives. The less compatible star signs, the more they tend to collide, resulting in inevitable problems.

So here are a set of toxic zodiac couple combinations – zodiac signs that are not compatible with each other.

Toxic zodiac couple combinations –

  • Capricorn And Aquarius

This might not sound quite interesting, but Capricorn and Aquarius have their low score of compatible. Though the two stars are ruled by Saturn, their zodiacs are different. This could be because the Capricorns crave for ‘clarity’, whereas the Aquarius for ‘performance’.

  • Libra And Taurus

Both being ruled by Venus, there is a lot of attraction between them which seems to be over whelming at the start. Together they don’t seem to rock their way much as expected, as both are said to be of uncompromising nature.

  • Leo And Cancer

Ruled by Sun and Moon, there are lot of difference because of the fire-water combo. A little spat blows off the spark in their relation.

  • Sagittarius And Cancer

Having different personality traits, they areseriously never attracted to each other. They have a lot of differences of opinions that could be like these, when the sagittarius wants to move – cancer wants to stay; cancer loves to get emotionally connected where sagittarius love getting sexually connected.

  • Virgo And Gemini

Both with realistic view of life and not prone to emotional outbreaks. Gemini and Virgo being masculine and  feminine signs respectively, the relation doesn’t go well due to the mixed bag of feelings that they got for each other.

  • Scorpio And Pisces

Scorpions being possessive and commanding, Pisces are charming and generous. These being highly emotional signs have great differences in respect with their relationship. Scorpio being intense in communicating their emotions, Pisces are soft spoken. Pisces being responsible, while Scorpio’s are reckless. These opposite personality traits creates lot of differences between them.

These are the most Toxic zodiac couple combinations, less compatibility means more fights, arguments and stress. There is a reason why elderly people believe in matching the “kundlis” guys!

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