Got Your Driving Licence? Start Riding With These Bikes

Bikes for new bike riders – Not all bikes are suitable for those who are learning to drive. It is imperative to start with bikes that are lighter, more comfortable, and have a displacement lesser than 250cc.

Most youngsters love bikes and you would hardly find a college-goer without one. In fact, youngsters prefer fast and suave bikes in comparison to cars.

Bikers suggest that a new driver should start with a 250cc bike. It is easier to practice on these vehicles and they are affordable too. These bikes have a great resale value as well. However, there are others who opine that a larger bike is beneficial as it can save the driver from dangerous situations.

For all the readers who are planning to buy their first bike, we bring a list of bikes for beginners.

1)  2014 Kawasaki Ninja 300:

Equipped with safety features, such as ABS, advanced chassis, back torque-limiting clutch, liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine, and more, the Ninja 300 is a great bike for starters.


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