Five Negative Characteristics Of Pisces Zodiac Sign

Negative characteristics of Pisces

Negative characteristics of Pisces – Pisceans tend to overwhelm with their gloriously compassionate and generous natures. They are incapable of focussing only on self. Their ability to sympathise and empathise does earn them a healthy circle of friends.

However, they make the mistake of going overboard often.

Negative characteristics of Pisces –

1 – They become Victims

In a self-centred world, there will always be some people, who love to take advantage of a soft and generous nature. Since Pisceans refuse to create boundaries or set limits, they are often taken advantage of by others. Their gullible natures render them malleable and controllable.

2 – Hate Conflicts

The Pisces-born loathe voices raised in anger, conflict situations and arguments. Even if they are being targeted unfairly, they will not confront their opponents or verbalise their thoughts. Instead, they prefer to move away from the scene and escape into an imaginary world devoid of battles.

3 – They are Hypersensitive

Obviously, they are bound to be oversensitive. This is because they prefer being treated like doormats, rather than confront wrongdoers. As a result, every word is akin to a knife, which wounds deep. However, the Piscean-born also tend to exaggerate even trivial instances, thereby experiencing great hurt. Their defence mechanism is to dream and live in a world of their imagination. They may even become prone to different addictions.

4 – Prefer to be Lazy

The Piscean-born are incapable of being enthusiastic about anything for long. In fact, they cannot even find the energy levels required to keep up with their tasks. If at all they feel motivated to do something well, it is because they believe that they are working for the right cause.

5 – Extremely Indecisive

Pisceans hate making decisions, since they are never sure if they are right or wrong. They are not even sure of what they really want. Instead, they just prefer to let things take their own course. This is because of low self-esteem, self-pity and self-doubt. Even in relationships, they prefer a stronger partner, who will take all the decisions for both of them.

Negative characteristics of Pisces – Despite all their failings, Pisceans are wonderful to have around, for they seem to bring stability and harmony to an imbalanced world.

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