How Different Zodiac Signs Handle Break-up Differently, You Should Take Inspiration from Sagittarius

Different zodiac signs handle break-up differently

Different zodiac signs handle break-up differently – Being in love always gives the butterflies in the stomach feels and handling a break-up makes a person go berserk.

It is really taxing to go back on one’s feelings and pretend as if nothing happened. After all, it takes us quite some time to digest the fact that the person who were our all suddenly became a stranger again.

Different zodiac signs handle break-up differently – Different zodiac signs have their own measures to handle break-up and here are a few zodiac signs that are worth a mention.

Different zodiac signs handle break-up differently


Aries people are easily bored and when they lose the passion they will make a clean breast of it and try to resurrect the friendship. They will never beat around the bush and feign the feelings they don’t have any more. They will react pretty impulsively in the middle of a break-up and go aloof from the partner unceremoniously.


Gemini knows the art to move on no matter how miserable they feel. They will skilfully mask their hollow feeling with a smile and get themselves engaged in other commitments.


Cancer is always clueless about how to fall out of love because they have already devoted their 100% to the relationship. They will nag, be clingy and if not still reciprocated, will end up being a serial stalker of their old lover’s profile.


As they rightly say, hell hath no fury like a Scorpio scorned. They have deep-rooted complex emotions that are not easily fathomable. They will hate the person in the same measure as they loved them. Worse, they will manipulate to the elastic limit to make the relationship stay until they take their revenge. Scorpios find it difficult to forget let alone forgive. They will break-up in a manner that the partner feels the sting for a lifetime.


Sagittarians are always optimistic and will try every possible trick in the book to keep the flame alive. They are adventurous lot who will never settle for a boring partner and whenever things seem to become bland, they will pull away and not whine over it again.

These are the ways Different zodiac signs handle break-up differently. This chosen list of zodiac signs are believed to handle break-up in the most challenging way.

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