Spunky Love Life Of Salman Khan: Why He Always Gets Married, Almost!?

An exclusive piece on the love affairs of our very own Salman Khan, spicy, wow yet just falling short of marriage’”why so each time? We ponder!

Salman Khan is a name that needs no introductions. With his great looks, penchant for natural comedy and romance, Sallu has walked into our hearts from Khan-dom to keep ruler amid competition from two more Khans.

However, while most of us keep digging deep into his dabangg success and foothold, we barely think of his affairs from his own perspective! Here is our exclusive take on all the affairs that Salman flaunts till date wondering why he always chooses to shirk off marriage.

Somi Ali and the hot scoops—Somi Ali featured in a soft drink commercial with Salman and begun her love saga. While Bolly had literally kept feeding on to their exploits back then, Salman even planned to walk down the aisle with Ali. Only fate had different things in store and today Somi remains great pals with her then boyfriend while being settled in Canada happily! Perhaps, Salman chose not to exchange vows for the fear of ruining his Bolly career then! 

Sangeeta Bijlani– Next stepped in Sangeeta Bijlani. Akin to a bijli, the romance was thunderous and the couple was an instant hit. In fact, so hot was their liaison that wedding cards too were printed. However, a last minute change of mind let things take a turn. Bijlani hitched Mohammad Azharuuddin later, only to divorce him after few years of marraige! And till date, Bijlani still wines and dines with the Khan-dan! 

Aishwarya Rai– After the flop duds, Sallu moved on to become very big in Bollywood and then turned his eyes on to green eyed Bant beauty Aishwarya Rai. The abusive relationship that turned friendships (SRK and Oberoi, silly!) sour and lead to loads of media frenzy only led to madness. Later, in a time turner historic moment, Ash became Mrs. Bachchan Jr. 

Katrina Kaif– The import from London made it big thanks to Salman. Accept it or not, the London babe almost became Mrs. Salman Khan but in a twist of fate, Sallu again lost her to Ranbir Kapoor. But one thing that stands sealed is that despite not getting hitched she has gained plump roles and prestige galore in Bollywood. 

Lulia Vantur – Once you get a taste of imported wine, you tend not to go back to desi picks. Same for affairs and seduction! Salman tasted imported romance with Kat and now he has been spotted with Romanian beauty Lulia Vantur. Even the two are deeply involved but grapevines reveal that marriage is barely a possibility.


The Casanova that Salman is, does he need to settle done? Well, we do not think so. After all, 40 year old virgins are as sexy as married men. What say? 


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