Voice Of Youth: From Pubs To Parliament

Youth voice

Youth voice – With more than fifty percent of the world’s population falling in the youth category, it is no news that we form a major demographic force of innovation.

There has been a sudden increase in the involvement of youth in all the sectors of the nation. There remains no doubt, as to why the youth today is considered the strongest advocates of society and an important part of the government to be.

Talking about the contribution of youth in the education sector, a number of non governmental organisations that have opened up are a venture by the youth. There are organisations opened by the youth, for the youth and empowering the youth, for example, Teach India. Why is it that for most of these NGOs we talk of, the founder is a youth? Not because, they had a lot of moolah to spend on, but because the issues of the country made them take a step towards development.

Youth voice

The issues of unemployment and illiteracy struck the chords of few people(now founders) to an extent that, they took a profound step to open up these organisations. Taking a step for those who can, but aren’t able to, or who couldn’t adhere to those opportunities, is a big step towards change.

The reason why the Lok Sabha elections in India, is considered as the Godfather of all elections until date. Never in the history of India has the internet been used so vastly by the politicians to promote their portfolios. Never in the history of India has the youth been so indulged in politics. Never in the history of India, has politics seen this great number of young voters. Call it the power of internet or the realization of the power of voting, but never in the history of India, has the elections created this big a hype. Unfortunately, we can’t really say that politics as a career has a strong hold on the youth.

Coming over to the employment sector, a number of jobs have emerged, which the youth can take up even while studying. And the source of these jobs is again the youth itself. Probably, helping each other with resources and barter, is what they consider as the best deal. There is not a single startup, wherein the brainstorming hasn’t been done by a youth. Employment setups, be it a DJ in pub or a language tutor in a coaching class, whatsoever profession we talk of, has been created by the youth.

Youth voice – Today, wherever and whichever sector we can think of, is associated and being led by youth. The personality cult has thus, left an amplifying mark on the society. There is a reason why do people call the younger generation as the leaders, entrepreneurs and a change-agent for tomorrow.

Youth voice – More power to Youngsters!

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